Expat taxation

We can provide the following services to foreigners working in the Czech Republic or having a source of income in the Czech Republic or other countries: assistance with the completion of their tax return, the filing of their tax return under a power of attorney, communication with the tax authority, and ensuring that overpayments, if any, are returned.

Business combinations

The tax aspect is one of the major factors in mergers and acquisitions or changes to holding structures. In some cases it is even the most important reason behind the process.

Our team is ready to provide expert support to clients in deciding which option to choose and how to proceed, including the design of the process and timetable. We are able to quantify the tax, legal, business and accounting or administrative impacts of these transactions.

Identification of potential risks and how to manage them is an essential step in selecting the best option.

We offer the following services related to international taxation

  • Advice on the setting up of permanent establishments in and outside the Czech Republic and the taxation thereof
  • Design of holding structures
  • Optimisation of currently existing structures

Transfer pricing

The setting of transfer prices between related parties, including the tax implications, has recently been frequently addressed both in the Czech Republic and internationally. We are able to evaluate the client’s current transfer pricing strategy, identify possible risks or draw up a new strategy. We can obtain in advance the tax authority’s binding opinion on the method of the determination of the transfer price. This will give reasonable assurance to the client that the option selected by the client is acceptable for the tax authority.