consulting1Now, at a time of increasing competition in the world markets, high pressure on delivery times, strict product quality requirements and product price cutting pressures, it is appropriate to address the issues of how to improve corporate performance, how to manage financial functions and financial risks, how to cut costs, improve liquidity, etc. We have extensive experience in corporate advisory in various industries, the application of which can add a high value to your business.

We work together with our clients to analyse their current business processes, document, information and cash flows, business strategy, etc., and evaluate all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our conclusions and proposals will provide a key to ensuring that the organisation as a whole operates more effectively and that the processes are streamlined and process times reduced. As a result, the performance of the business will increase.

We provide advice in the following fields

  • Finance and economics
  • Marketing and PR
  • Trade
  • People